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I live on 6 deeply wooded acres in the boonies of Middleville, MI. I'm married to an amazing man, Brian. He's pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm a big animal lover. I have 5 cats; Bella (6), Cognac (3), Georgia (3), Maggie (2), & Auggie (8-9mos.) We recently lost our kittens, Aesop & Amelia, to a battle with Feline Leukemia. I feel the need to mention them. They were amazing beings that showed unconditional love like no other cats I've had. I also have Cheech (9) that I'm fostering. We have two puppies; Charlie & Henry. Having a blast! I'm a dabbler in photography, photo shop, & crafts. I'm kind of a bookworm/nerd/geek. Yes, I have read the Twilight Series. No, I'm not obsessed. I love Shakespeare, Nathaniel Hawthorne, C.S. Lewis, and L. Frank Baum - among others, obviously.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Recent Happenings

Uh oh... I did it again. I went a long time without posting anything. So sorry about that.
Brian and I have been so incredibly busy and I realize that I say that in most posts. But it's true. I think Brian's on his 23rd day in a row working. No days off. It's wearing on him a little bit. But he'll have sometime this weekend to finally relax.

Charlie and Henry are doing pretty good. They're at 46 and 47 pounds now. We took them to the vet a couple Fridays ago and they both had ear infections. :( But other than that, they are happy go lucky. They spend a lot of time playing in our bedroom. And we bring a cat in here and there to work on their manners. Henry is pretty much desensitized to them. He gets excited... But he doesn't do anything too crazy. Charlie is a completely different story. But he's gotten a TON better. He's getting to the point where when he's getting excited with a cat's presence that when we say his name is distracts him from doing anything. Hopefully in a few more weeks of working on it he'll be at the same level as Henry.

Let's do an update on my health. I'm doing pretty fantastic. I had a doctor's appointment on July 8th. And to my disappointment I didn't lose a single pound. But, that's okay. Because I've lost about 5-6 inches around my waist. So, whatever fat I did lose, I gained in muscle. I've been continuing my biking as well. When I last counted, from May 22nd (when I started biking) to July 25th I had biked a little over 192 miles in total. I'm well over 200 miles now. My original biking goal was to do 10 miles in one sitting. I achieved that goal for the first time on June 18th. It took me 48 minutes and 18 seconds (10.5 miles total). Well I can bike that and more now. I did 10 miles last Thursday and it took me about 35 minutes. So, I've gotten a lot faster. So, want to know what my new goal is? *drum roll* It's 20 MILES. And I'm quite sure that I can achieve it. I've been upping my daily miles. And I figure if I can stay at my current pace that I can do 20 miles in about 70-75 minutes. So, as soon as I reach that goal, I'll let you know. :)

Brian and I are also excited to announce that we are an Aunt and Uncle! We have brand spankin' new niece, Eliana. She was born on July 2nd. I'd post pictures, but I don't know exactly how Colleen and Johnny would feel about that on my public blog. So, congratulations you guys! We're happy for you! :)

I've recently joined a website called pinterest. It's an online cataloging site that I love. I can be on various food blogs and "pin" recipes to my food board on pinterest.

While on Pinterest, I discovered this recipe (The link is to my actual pin. But if you click on the picture, it'll take you to the recipe.) Annnwaaay, I decided to do this myself - except using turkey bacon.

Here it is before it went into the oven:

Here it is when it came out of the oven:

Doesn't that look amazing?

Here is a current picture of Charlie and Henry. Please excuse Henry's muddy nose.

Brian was able to get this picture of Bella the other day:

We bought a kiddie pool recently. This is Henry thinking about stepping in. (We have yet to get Charlie to play in it, though.)

Also, we've had a lot of rain recently. So the last two pictures are of a washout just past our driveway. We have to technically drive on someone else's property to get to work/town now. (The house is foreclosed on, though. So, no one lives there currently.)



That's all for now!