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Monday, July 6, 2009

Sighs of Relief

I've had a wonderful day. I'm not worrying about anything. I'm leaving on my first plane ride tomorrow, and I really am not nervous...

Friday we did our set up. Special thanks to my friend, Jon, for getting up early and helping out with all of it. I really considered Jon to be part of the bridal party. His responsibility was to video tape the wedding and to walk around with my Canon and take as many shots as he could.

Special thanks to all of my bridesmaids - especially Nicole for getting there at 9:00 a.m.. I really couldn't have pulled any of this off without the help from them.

Special thanks to my Mom. She was there bright and early at Brian's house helping us load her car to head to the banquet hall.

Here's a shot of the banquet hall. We had a great time laughing while setting stuff up.

Our centerpieces.

This was what our guests saw as they walked in.


And our trellis/sand ceremony vessels.

On the day of our wedding, I was filled with nerves. I woke up extremely nauseated. I could barely get myself to eat anything. I was up at 5:00 a.m. Sara arrived at around 6:00 a.m. and started in on my hair. She was practically done with it in a matter of an hour and so we set off for the banquet hall.

We pretty much took our time getting ready. I was still nervous but managed to get about half of a granola bar down.

Soon enough, I could hear a lot of people and more commotion.
When it came down to 5 minutes to Noon... I was just done with being nervous. It was as if I didn't have a care. I was finally getting married to the man I'm supposed to be with. My Dad - who looked just amazing in his tux - took me by the arm. We stepped to the entryway where we'd be walking out of and nervously said to me, "Which foot am I supposed to step off with? Left or Right?" In all seriousness my reply was, "Dad, just wing it."

Just before walking out I did get a glimpse of a few people before seeing my handsome groom decked out in his white tux. The music started and off we went. When my Dad handed me off to Brian he started crying. I thought to myself Oh no, Dad. Don't start this. I knew if Dad started to cry that there would be no way I could control myself.

However, I managed to control it.

The ceremony flew by and I don't think I even slipped up on any of the vows I had to repeat. Our officiant did an excellent job (even though we forgot to pay you! Sorry, John!) with everything.

Shortly after the ceremony and Brian and I had our first kiss as husband and wife, we went outside for some pictures.

Afterward, we came back in where Colleen and Johnny, our Master and Mistress of Ceremonies, introduced as Mr. and Mrs. We were then seated at our head table then started in on the meal; lasagna and potatoes with vegetables. During the meal Colleen and Johnny made a speech to Brian and I about marriage and what they've learned so far since they themselves are newlyweds. Shortly after that were the speeches by the Best Man, Nate, and the Maid of Honor, Sara. Sara's made me cry the most...

From there we cut the cake. I think the cake looked fabulous. (I'll show a picture late in the post.) And went right to our first dance. It was "Oh, It Is Love" by Hellogoodbye.

It's hard for me to sum up the wedding. And I honestly can't wait for the professional pictures. (SNEAK PEEK - Click Here!)

Here are a few shots from my camera...

Those Groomsmen...


... Always being funny.

Our tables.

Our cake.

The Groom's cake. (Stargate.)

My Maid of Honor and I.

Now lets fast forward to today...

I donated my hair. I wasn't nervous at all. I didn't even shed a tear. I'm incredibly happy with helping out a child in need of hair.



My end result.


Now, Brian and I leave tomorrow night. We'll be taking the red eye flight to Canada. We're departing from GRR and then flying into Toronto where we'll have a 2 hour layover and then we'll be making another flight to Vancouver. When we arrive there, we'll be waiting around in the terminal for around 11 hours until the cruise shuttle will pick us up and take us to the ship...

Wish us luck.. And if you're the praying type, pray for us.


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