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Monday, August 17, 2009

"Good Lord Show Me The Way"

I'm currently listening to Alison Krauss. That should explain my post title.

Well, Sara forgot the backdrop for Natilee's pictures. And Natilee is teething and was pretty crabby anyway. So, Sara and I are going to try for later on this week to do Natilee's pictures.

And I ended up getting sick on Friday. So, I was unable to walk in the relay. Thanks, Jon, for walking with Brian.

My Mom, Sara, and Robert came over to my house on Saturday. Robert and Brian ended up going and seeing District 9 and then came back to play some video games.

We didn't end up having a yard sale. Sara had way too many boxes of things for the yard sale and she didn't have enough time to go through them before Saturday. So, we're shooting for next Saturday.

Brian discovered Saturday morning that a spider had constructed a web in the back of the '84 El Camino (tailgate). So, I got this picture:


I did get a couple of good shots of Natilee enjoying a popsicle while she was over on Saturday...



Saturday night we ended up having to call the police. Just after Sara left with Natilee, someone came to our front window and pounded loudly (and fast) on our front window three times. Then ran off. At first I thought it was a couple of boxes in our livingroom because that's where we have the yard sale items... But it wasn't. Brian had been in another room and came out and into the kitchen because he thought it had been something that fell in there. I told him it sounded like something hit the window. He opened the front door and saw fresh finger prints on our window. So we called the police, and since the station is a minute from our house, they were over in about two minutes. They checked over our cars and wrote down the information and gave us our claim/disturbance report number. We don't know who or why someone would feel the need to do that. I'm just glad that Natilee wasn't in the house because it could have scared her.

Bella's getting along better and better. She's getting more and more comfortable with the house. And she's even feeling confident enough to get up on the cat tower and play with the kitty toys. :)


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