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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aesop Update

We've switched veterinarians - Sort of. When we got the puppies Brian and I decided that we wanted to continue taking them to the vet that the breeder took them to. The puppies had to have their second round of vaccines yesterday and while we were there I asked the vet about Aesop. (Lately - since getting the puppies - Aesop has seemed down. I looked up cat depression and found that he showed one symptom. I was still really worried because he's feline leukemia positive.)

The new vet, Dr. Hart, informed of us of two treatments you can give feline leukemia kitties to help boost their immune system and help keep them active. It won't cure feline leukemia, but it will prolong their lives and make them happier. Our old vet never mentioned this to us. Frankly, I was upset. (I mean, would Amelia have lived longer and happier on these treatments?)

So, Aesop went to see Dr. Hart today. Within the first couple of minutes he checked Aesop's heart beat and said, "So, you're aware of the heart murmur?" Brian and I were like, "No..." I got to thinking, the last time Aesop was at the vet was 4 months ago... I don't remember them ever checking his heart. Brian doesn't remember either. Dr. Hart informed us that the heart murmur would have taken longer than 4 months to develop. So, still mad at the old veterinarian.

He discovered an infection in Aesop's mouth. Just a slight one, but still worrisome since he's fe leuk positive. So, Aesop is on an antibiotic for the next 7 days. He also got an injection of vitamin B that will give Aesop more energy. Brian will administer another injection at the end of this week. Aesop will also start treatment on Wednesday of something called Alpha Interferon. It will be given to him daily and will be a boost to his immune system every day. So, it'll help prolong Aesop's life. He'll be more active and he'll have daily doses to boost his immune system.

As for the heart murmur, we have to watch it closely. In the future Aesop will go to a specialist and have an echo cardiogram.

For now, we're going to get his infection taken care of and continue his other treatments.

Our old vet only had us giving Aesop a medicine called viralys. We found out from Dr. Hart that it's not really going to help Aesop. Viralys is more for upper respiratory problems. It does nothing for the immune system.

So, I'm still mad.

Wish us and Aesop luck. I can't imagine losing my little man. He's so special.

So, when I say we've switched vets, I mean only Aesop has switched so far.

Aesop still has a long road ahead, though.

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