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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 Days To Go

Today Brian and I made our final payment to the banquet hall. It was nice to get that out of the way. We also went to GR to get a few last minute purchases for wedding decorations. Our tasks are coming to a close now...

I'm at the point some days where I'm almost getting sick of planning. I basically just want to get married now and finally be able to relax and not have to worry about every little thing and detail. Just a few more days to go and I can get rid of that "Soon-To-Be" up there...

After our trip from Grand Rapids, I decided to get to crackin' on that shadowbox that we'll have on display at the wedding. And well... I couldn't help myself. And I finished it. :)


Feelin' pretty smug about it. :)


And there will be two of these at each side of the trellis. I have to be honest, I didn't like this when I first finished it. Brian really likes it. And I must say, it is growing on me.

Also, yesterday...

I got a pretty big shock to my system when Brian came out to my desk and told me that my Mom had just found out that my brother Robert was in a car accident and that his car was totaled. Robert and I don't have the "normal" brother/sister relationship where they don't get along well. Robert and I are best friends and have always been there for each other. My eyes welled up in tears and I actually jumped up in my chair and let out a huge gasp. Brian assured me that Robert would be okay since he had actually called my Mom. Minutes later I saw my Mom pulling out of the HPS driveway. That killed me. I couldn't really leave my desk since my department was shorthanded. I was a mess and I couldn't concentrate.

What had happened was a car had hit Robert's passenger side door and flipped his car over on the drivers side doors. Robert managed to undo his seat belt and was standing up in his car sideways, so his feet were on the driver door and window. An ambulance crew arrived shortly after and bashed in Robert's windshield so he could exit the vehicle that way. They got him on a stretcher and got him to the ER. He was mostly fine other than some pretty bad cuts on his arm and elbow area, which required several stitches.

Throughout the afternoon my Mom would call/text me with an update. And right at 5:00 I was out of there. Brian and I drove as fast and safely to the hospital. I was frantic at the desk and the lady would only let one person go in at a time. So, I went back there. It was tough seeing them work on Robert and seeing him on a hospital bed. I did my best and didn't cry. We were there for over an hour before Robert was released. He's got some bruising and is pretty sore, but he's lucky to be here right now. The doctor said that if he hadn't been wearing his seat belt, he most likely wouldn't have been able to call someone. Which means, we most likely would have had the police show up at our door and give us the news.

Despite being in a lot of pain and feeling horrible that his newer car was totaled, we still managed to joke with him. We were telling him all the stories he could tell "the ladies" about how he got all those scars. And that "chicks dig them."


This is what is left of Robert's car. I tear up every time I look at them because they make me realize how broken I would be if I ever lost him.


  1. Oh my god, that car is unbelievable. He is one lucky guy. And you should feel smug about that shadowbox.

  2. That shadowbox is awesome! Now, we'll just have to get those wedding shots for a wedding shadowbox--

    I'm glad Robert is okay... I'm sure he'll have the Ladies swarming his scarred self in no time. :)