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Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year, New Problems.

Hey Y'all,

Recent news:
Henry got hurt - again. A few weeks ago on a Sunday I noticed there was a ton of blood all over our carpet. There must have been 100 spots of blood everywhere. We discovered that it was Henry. He had cut his foot. We didn't realize how serious it was until later that night. We called our vet's emergency number, but he wasn't taking emergencies that day and referred us to an animal hospital in GR. We got Henry in there. They had to knock Henry out and suture his foot. $420 later we thought we were in the clear. They informed us that his bandage could come off the next day and that in 10 days we could get his sutures out. Brian thought it was odd that they didn't give H any antibiotics. He asked repeatedly if Henry should have some, but they kept saying no. This place charged us crazy amounts of money for cheap things. (The dog collar that they sent him home in was $40 alone and it was crap. PURE crap.)

Two days later, Henry's bleeding again. He had taken his sutures out. We called our vet and actually got to speak with him. He told us to bring Henry in first thing in the morning at 7:00 a.m. (He was doing us a favor since he doesn't open until 8:00 a.m.) He wanted us to put some pain relieving salve on his foot and tape a sock to it. Henry was in so much pain that he couldn't bear us to even touch his foot. Salve on a q-tip was a complete failure. So, we decided to put betadine on it. Even that hurt/scared him. We finally got some gauze pads from our emergency kit and put a ton of salve on it... Then we basically adhered that to his foot and then we were able to get a sock on it and tape it to his foot.

The next morning, we got him into our vet. He was not happy. First of all, the cone was way too small for Henry. So, that' how he was able to reach his sutures and pull them out. Second, he did NOT like that Henry was sent home without any antibiotics. Lastly, he was not impressed with their instructions to have his bandage come off so early.

Our vet re-did EVERYTHING and more for Henry. That cost us $175. Big difference. He wanted to see Henry every couple of days to re-dress his bandage. So, that's what we did for the first week and everything was good. Except Henry couldn't really play and he had to wear a cone. (How can you make a puppy NOT play?) After about a week, Henry became this genius ninja and was able to get his bandage off WITH his cone on. We still don't know how he did it. When we discovered that he had gotten it off, we also saw that he had pulled on a few of his sutures. Not good. We got him to the vet the next day and he said that if Henry kept getting at it that he would have to cut off the excess skin and treat it as an open wound. Open wounds take 6 weeks to heal. (That meant NO groomer appointment. And Henry was already SO stinky.)

The next day, Henry got that off, too. He had pulled out the remaining stitches. Our vet wasn't too happy but he had said that it was sealed up okay, but he still wanted a bandage on it for a while. And he wanted Henry to take antibiotics for a little bit longer. So, they sent Henry home with bitter apple bandages on his foot to deter him from taking the bandages off. Henry didn't care and still got it off. I guess he likes bitter apples...

In that last week, Henry spent 3-4 whole days at the vet for them to keep re-dressing his bandages because he kept pulling them off. It was a nightmare.

But... He's completely healed now. And he was able to get a grooming appointment. And now he's clean... And has been dubbed "Henry Houdini" at our vet's office. He's definitely a celebrity now.

This is Henry before the groomer (not flattering):
He was soooo stinky. And I'm sure his hair was annoying for him to see through.

This is him now (also not flattering):
HUGE difference! And he doesn't smell like a foot anymore!

That's really all there is to report.

Well, okay... Here are a few more recent pictures!



Mmm... Tag.



It is incredibly difficult to get pictures of Henry since he's so crazy and moving ALL the time.

Here are some pictures of Augustus. He must find me very boring since he's mid-yawn in all of them:



Auggie in a Kohl's box:

My new camera has this feature where it can only take pictures of certain colors. So, here's a picture of Bella emphasizing her green eyes. (I'll admit, it's a little weird.)


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