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I live on 6 deeply wooded acres in the boonies of Middleville, MI. I'm married to an amazing man, Brian. He's pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm a big animal lover. I have 5 cats; Bella (6), Cognac (3), Georgia (3), Maggie (2), & Auggie (8-9mos.) We recently lost our kittens, Aesop & Amelia, to a battle with Feline Leukemia. I feel the need to mention them. They were amazing beings that showed unconditional love like no other cats I've had. I also have Cheech (9) that I'm fostering. We have two puppies; Charlie & Henry. Having a blast! I'm a dabbler in photography, photo shop, & crafts. I'm kind of a bookworm/nerd/geek. Yes, I have read the Twilight Series. No, I'm not obsessed. I love Shakespeare, Nathaniel Hawthorne, C.S. Lewis, and L. Frank Baum - among others, obviously.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beware Of Sleestak

Since Brian’s birthday is two days before Christmas, I gave him the idea of celebrating his birthday with/around mine. My birthday is on a holiday, though not a major gift giving one. Mine wasn’t so fun growing up a lot of times because I have two little cousins that have birthdays two days after mine. So, when our family did get together for Thanksgiving, birthdays were merged together. Anyway, I let Brian open his birthday gifts early. I went with a Sleestak theme. I got him a Sleestak bobble head, Sleestak coin bank, and the complete series of Land of the Lost on DVD that came in a sweet metal lunch box.

Now, me being a huge bobble head lover, the bobble head is my favorite.


It has the tail, too!


But, they’re all pretty neat. :)


We went and saw the movie in the theater earlier this summer. It was funny, not great, but good. I’m a big fan of slapstick comedy, especially when Will Ferrell is involved.

We’ve gotten some really good pictures of the kittens lately, too. They’re incredibly playful and enjoy playing on the cat tower that Brian and I built. I’m actually afraid they’re going to fall off of it. And when they happen to be playing too rough and bump their heads, they seem fine. So, I’m pretty sure that they are durable. Aesop and Amelia have taken to both sleeping on my pillow… But only when I’m trying to sleep. So, I have only a few inches of pillow to rest my head on. Amelia has the loudest purr I’ve ever heard come out of any cat. She purrs right by my face while I’m trying to sleep. Perhaps that’s why it’s so loud…? ;)

Brian and I have been really busy at home, as well as at HPS. I worked 5 hours this past weekend trying to complete a project that seems like it will never be completed.

Yesterday we got our flu shots. And I’m about 90% sure that the nurse injected it right into my muscle. This is probably the worst I have felt after any shot. It hurt as she was injecting it, too. I’d never had a shot sting so badly. Brian said his seemed fine. His arm is a little sore today. Whereas mine feels like my arm will fall off.

My birthday/Thanksgiving should be pretty good. My family is coming over to our house and we’ll all be cooking. Brian’s Mom said it was okay that we didn’t get together until the next weekend so that I can spend my birthday with my family.

Also, New Moon comes out in theaters on November 20th. So, we’re going to try to go see it on Black Friday. Hopefully it won’t be too busy. I don’t care how “evil” people think those books are. They mimic Shakespeare sonnets.

Anyway, here are those pictures of the kitties…





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