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Sunday, May 17, 2009

47 More Days To Go

First off, my dress fitting went really well. My dress fits absolutely perfectly. It's gorgeous. My Mom went with me. Oddly, she didn't cry. Though, she admitted she cried later on when she was at home by herself just thinking about what I looked like in the dress.

Brian and I also managed a couple trips to GR this weekend. Hobby Lobby had a 50% off sale on their bridal items. So, Brian and I bought several decorations and items for the wedding; tulle, floral tape, gift card box...

Then we went back to GR on Friday night to pick up the trellis that we wanted for the wedding. As we're getting out of the car, this African American man comes up to Brian and starts talking. He starts off really polite to Brian. When he looks at me he says, "That's an ugly frown." Which confused me. I mean, I wasn't even frowning. I was just trying to listen to him because of the noisy traffic in the background. And then turns back to Brian. And he starts telling Brian this story about how he had car trouble on I96 and that he had walked 7 miles. Which, I96 wasn't even in the direction he pointed and he was holding a cell phone. So, why walk 7 miles? Brian instantly knew that this guy was a grifter. Which meant that he was probably going to steal money from us. So, after this story that he says to Brian, he moves toward Brian as if to shake his hand. We didn't know if he had a knife or gun or anything, so Brian just started walking away really fast. He whipped his head over to me and I got as close to Brian as I could. The guy starts yelling rudely at us and saying that we're afraid to "touch black skin" and Brian yells to him, "Do you have a cell phone?" And the guy says he does. Then Brian says, "There might be a phone inside that you can use to call for help." Then the guy gets really mad and is shouting to us about why would he need to go inside and call for help if he has a cell phone on him. Which, was Brian's point exactly. Why would he be asking for help when he could easily have called someone on his cell phone? Also, during his "7 mile" walk to get help, why wouldn't he have just stopped at the nearest gas station? Why go to a Hobby Lobby parking lot?

Anyway, after that we went into Hobby Lobby Since my car was vandalized last year, I was freaking out that something was going to happen to my car again. and told the manager that there was a man outside that was suspicious and most likely a grifter. And he had just gotten a call from a woman in the parking lot and that he had already called some sort of strip mall security to get him off of the premises.

People like that really upset me.

Brian and I walked around Hobby Lobby for a while and bought a few items.
Then we dined out at Yen Ching in GR. And came back to Barry County.

This weekend I'd been having trouble with my right eye lid. Being swollen and sore. I lifted up my eyelid and saw a bump under it. I know it's gross, but I was freaking out. So, I took bendryl, put ice on it, and rinsed my eye out... It's gotten better... So much better that Brian and I were able to do our ENGAGEMENT PICTURES! Yay! My eye isn't back to 100% yet, but it's a ton better.

Our picture session with Laura was awesome. We drove the '68 and '84 El Caminos to her house and got several great shots. Then we walked around on state land and finished our session at Fish Hatchery Park. Then, because Laura's awesome, she treated us to Dairy Queen. We'll definitely have to take her out somewhere sometime and she will NOT be allowed to pay. ;) I should be getting pictures back in a couple weeks. So, yippee! I know my Mom is dying to see them.

Also this weekend. We met with John, who is officiating at the wedding. We had to go over a more extensive Q and A so he could get know us better. I don't know if Brian and I talk too much or what, but we weren't able to finish our answers before the restaurant closed. ;) I enjoyed the time talking with John. Hopefully he enjoyed it, too.

Lastly... Picture time.


I bought some flowers to "pretty up" Brian's porch.



Red flowers are compliments from HPS.


This is the gift card box for the wedding. I spruced it up with some tulle and bows.


Close up of it...


And this will be right in front of Brian and I on our head table at the wedding.

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