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Monday, May 4, 2009

So, Things Are Kicking Into High Gear

So, this past weekend was a busy one. Brian and I spent most of the day on Saturday in GR in Michael's craft store. I bought what I finally decided to use to put the bridesmaids gifts in. Which, if I must say so myself, are pretty awesome. :)

We also bought the glass that we'll be using for the sand ceremony. There are four glass vessels all together. One for moi, for Brian, for our pastor, and then the main large vessel in which we pour the sand into.

Also this weekend, we went and saw the new Wolverine movie. 'Twas pretty awesome.

There's a lot coming up, especially this week.

Tomorrow we'll be going to Grand Rapids to go cake testing. Yay, cake!

Then on Thursday HPS is being awesome and throwing Brian and myself a wedding shower! Thursday night I'll be meeting with Sara (my MOH) in Middleville to discuss the wedding shower that she'll be throwing me. She'll be bringing my Goddaughter, Natilee. So, I'll grab a camera and try to get some pictures of all of us.

Then on Friday Brian and I will be meeting with Ever After Banquet Hall and getting things more finalized and signing that darned contract! Seriously, I couldn't remember to sign it and get it sent to her for the past 7 months! Isn't that bad? I'm pretty horrible. I'm going to blame it on the holidays... Yeah... That's it...

And probably one of the most things I'm excited about that's coming up; ENGAGEMENT PICTURES! We'll be gettin' our pics on on Saturday at 2:00. Brian and I will be incorporating the El Caminos and hopefully, if I can finish one, a pinwheel. YAY!!!

And now I'll be leaving you with some pictures. I may have gotten a little carried away while taking pictures of the bridesmaids gifts and sand ceremony glass. ;)


This is one of the boxes that I'm using for the bridesmaids gift.


And here it is with the gift(s) ;) inside. Can't peek though. If my bridesmaids didn't read my blog, I'd post an inside picture.


This is a cool angle of one of the glass sand vessels.

And, at this point, I've gotten carried away...




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